CPO – 2019


CPO 2019


The New Jersey Pool Managers Association will be hosting two NSPF CPO® Certification courses at the Holiday Inn in Hasbrouck Heights.


There will be one weekend course in March 2019. A course in June 2019 will be four evenings over two weeks on Monday & Wednesdays.


The course location is:

Holiday Inn – Meadowlands in Hasbrouck Heights

283 Route 17 South

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604.


The full weekend course is for new CPO’s as well as CPO’s who must recertify. Recertifying CPO’s may elect to complete the online Primer course and take the final exam before their fifth year expiration date. This is in place of the full course. Further information is noted below.

The date course will be held on one weekend, March 23 & 24, 2019 from 8 AM till 4:00 PM. The deadline for the weekend class paid registrations is March 18, 2019.

The weekday evening course is June 10, 12, 17, & 19, 2019 Monday and Wednesday evenings 6 PM to 10 PM. Contact Ray Roig for June class specifics. rayroigpo@mac.com

There are no walk-ins on the day of the first class. For NJPMA member facilities the cost of the class is $250. Non-NJPMA facilities must pay $325. Personal checks, money orders, and vouchers are acceptable with the course invoice form. No credit cards. Complete student information is needed as noted on the posted invoice. The CPO® textbook and PoolMath workbook will be sent to each student when paid registration is received.

The deadline for new students who enroll in the optional Primer class (Online Fusion) is February 25th (May 24th for the June class). This deadline is earlier so students can complete on-line class requirements. For NJPMA member pools, the online Primer is $125 plus $200 (for the final class of March 24th or June 19th for the weekday evening class), and non-NJPMA member the online Primer is $150 plus $200.

The online Primer class (Online Fusion) is a review of all 18 chapters of the new CPO® textbook. The online Primer requires textbook work, online lessons, and a series of evaluations. Upon completion, the Primer student needs to attend the second day of the weekend class March 24th (June 17 & 19th for the June class).


Early registration is required in order for the Primer (Online Fusion) student to receive class materials and access code. A completion certificate, copy of current CPO certificate, and photo I.D. must be presented to the Fusion class instructor Ray Roig at the beginning of the second class March 24th (or the June 17th &19th of the four evenings).


Recertifying: If a current CPO is recertifying, proof of current CPO® must be included with the Primer completion, and then take the final exam.If not a current CPO, you must attend the March 24th class & exam (June 17th & 19th). Recertifying CPO fee is $200 (NJPMA) and $275 (non-NJPMA) and includes the Primer costs, new textbooks, and exam fees.


All students must have photo ID, and a calculator for their first class.

Please use the invoice found on www.njpma.org when registering.


Registrations/Invoice (posted on www. njpma.org) must include:

Name (as appearing on the CPO® certificate)

Home mailing address (class materials sent to your residence)

E-mail address (for class hand outs and announcements)

Telephone/cell phone (for emergency use only)

Member facility name & manager contact if an NJPMA member club

If you need Spanish materials, please circle yes.


Check, money order, or voucher to NJPMA (no credit cards)

CPO Brochure ’19

Invoice CPO 2019

Registrations and inquiries should be directed to:

Ray Roig – NJPMA Treasurer

201 Railroad Ave. #316

East Rutherford, NJ 07073-1947

cell 551 404-5392