Championship Eligibility

Eligibility for the NJPMA Championships is based on:

  • Pool member facilities that run summer based teams without affiliation with winter/school year competitive age group teams.
  • Individuals of family members that have a regular pool and facility use privileges for their club (other than team practices). Privileges constitute that at least five (5) days of the seven (7) day week. These privileges must be during the full-time operation/season (full time – season week). In addition, “daily fees”, “team fees”, and “individual memberships” do not constitute a family membership.
  • Managers or a representative from their facility must attend four (4) out of five (5) NJPMA monthly meetings between March and July to compete in the championships.

Furthermore, eligibility to represent their club in the NJPMA Championships will be acceptable if:

  • The participant has represented their club in a minimum of two dual meets during the current season.
  • Participants may only swim/dive for One (1) member club.
  • The participant has met the age and entry requirements stated and published in the Championship Committee’s material distributed through the NJPMA to each facility.
  • Any participant who fails to show for the finals will be disqualified the following year.
  • The employment membership constitutes a full family membership for management only. Management eligibility will be granted only to significant other and/or their offspring for employment memberships. Employment memberships to any staff besides management will not be eligible for the NJPMA Championship meets.
  • The participant and/or membership club has met qualification deadlines by July 15th of the competing year by filing with the Championship Committee any and all questions regarding current eligibility.
  • Proof of membership must be made available to the Championship Committee when a club is called upon for verification of eligibility concerns of the association.
  • The participant and/or club have paid their dues in full by May 30th of competing year.

Finally, individual swim club representatives (preferably coaches) must attend a mandatory clinic/meeting when posted by the NJPMA executive board. The dates and times of the meeting to be determined by the NJPMA executive board and will be posted on our website.

Action taken for failure to comply with the eligibility rules above will result in suspension for One (1) year from the Swim/Dive Championships.

NJPMA Family Definitions: Nuclear Family or One/Single Parent as defined below;
Nuclear Family – a family consisting of Two (2) parents and their children.


One-parent family/single -parent family – a family, which includes One (1) parent but not both.