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The New Jersey Pool Managers Association is a professional nonprofit volunteer association dedicated to the enhancement and education of aquatic management and programs within its member facilities. The New Jersey Pool Managers Association was formed in 1981 and comprises of approximately 55 to 60 aquatic facilities located in Northern New Jersey. Formally known as the Bergen County Pool Managers Association, it was initially formed in the early 1960’s to assist pool managers in their seasonal jobs with sharing ideas and problem solving experiences.

The Association conducts six (6) meetings yearly from March through August with 40 of our 55 member clubs on average in attendance. The latest information and trends that affect the operation and staffing of the clubs is presented with guest speakers from inside and outside the Association. Local Red Cross Chapters, water safety representatives and pool supply companies are invited to participate at our meetings at various times of the year.

The NJPMA coordinates events and workshops that help promote and develop the field of aquatics, swimming and diving within our Association. They include: NJPMA Swim and Dive Championships held every August; Red Cross Water Safety Instructors Course at host clubs in June; developing updates of required certification in the areas of Certified Pool Operators, Lifeguard Instructors, CPR and First Aid Instructors, Water Safety Instructors, under the direction and jurisdiction of the National Swimming Foundation and the American Red Cross; representation to assist the State Health Department in the formulating of the State Bathing Regulations; workshops on officiating in swimming and diving to benefit parents involved in local club programs; problem solving forums for staffing, programs, and mechanical needs for private and municipal facilities; a convenient arena for the formation and maintenance of seven club swim/dive leagues and independent meets.

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